A Great Excuse to Avoid the Scary, Needy World

Dear Scary, Needy World,

How exciting to receive your request to hear more about Jesus Christ!

We'd love to share the gospel of Jesus with you.  We could even serve you practically in the name of Jesus, asking nothing in return.  Grace.  We are, however, unable to pay any attention to you at this time.

This doesn't mean that you lack importance.  Our theology tells us that God loves you and considers you important.  So, take some comfort in that.

We, however, find ourselves currently occupied by some very important internal arguments.  Fascinating stuff, but not particularly relevant to you or to your query. 

Unfortunately, our current debates leave us with no time and little emotional energy to share with or serve you.  Therefore, we are unable to process your request at this time.

If you would write back at a later date, we would be happy to reconsider your request.


How many of us write letters like this every day?

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