Life Passages

Last night we heard some insightful reflection from Doug and Marilyn Stewart, InterVarsity Staff who have been serving students and Staff for 50 years. 

50 years?

Can you imagine doing anything for 50 years?

They encouraged us to experience a lifetime of fruitful ministry and shared some things that helped them along the way.

One bit of advice they shared really resonated with me.

They encouraged us to identify what they called "life passages."  For them, John 15 and the story of Jacob stand out.  Deep wells.  Places in God's word where God frequently meets them in a special way.

Read broadly, across the whole Scripture.  But don't be surprised if certain passages resonate, if certain passages mold and shape and comfort and move you in special ways.  Planning to spend time in these passages is just wise practice.  Refueling intentionally, regularly.

This got me thinking.  What are my "life passages"?

Ephesians 2 comes up over and over again for me ... this image of a new humanity.

Jonah ... the call to care like God cares.

Ruth ... faithful, foundational love.

The Psalms of Ascent ... a long obedience over the hard journey.

What are some of your "life passages"?

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