Rehearsing the Receiver Role

"It is better to give than to receive."

I've heard this my whole life.

My parents are phenomenally generous people.  Mind-blowingly generous.  They're generous toward family, toward friends, toward co-workers and strangers.  Generous.  Generous.  Generous.

And I have tried to go and do likewise.  To give.

But so much of life requires us to receive.

And I find receiving difficult.

We have a network of generous donors who joyfully fund our ministry in South Florida, but I feel embarrassed to receive money.  We have friends who load us up with Amish friendship bread and cinnamon twists and sourdough rolls, but I feel like I should pay.  We have a God who graciously gives us life and salvation and joy, but I feel like I should earn.

Whether or not it is better to give than to receive, it is certainly easier.

And I would much rather play the Giver than the Receiver.

Just today I got to play both roles.  One of our Staff needed help moving.  I showed up with my truck.  Giving.  Our Community Group leaders from church offered to watch Will while Amy and I went on a date.  We showed up in our car.  Receiving.

I knew what to do and say as a Giver.  I fumbled about in the Receiver role. 

And I think I know why.

I have a thorough script pre-prepared for my role as Giver.  I've rehearsed and practiced, inhabited the character, done back-story and received applause for past performances.

That Receiver character, though, doesn't have a script.  He doesn't rehearse much and has yet to earn a curtain call.  I think of him as a minor character.

But, in the big picture, when the credits roll, although I as an actor may have played both parts, the critics will agree that my main role was as Receiver in this film starring Jesus.

I may enjoy playing Giver more.  But I have to learn the rest of my lines.

Which role do you find more comfortable to play?

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