Request Series: Take One

I've had a couple of "Could you write something about ... " or "Have you written something about ... " questions in the last week or so.  While I don't want to get a big head, I'm happy to share some thoughts.  And that's what I'll do over the weekend.

For Bill, I'll share some thoughts on open-air campus preachers and asking people to obey God's laws when they don't have a relationship with God through Jesus. Friday

For Lee, I'll attempt to write something coherent about the circle of predication and its impact on our theological method. (I've hinted at it in other posts, but don't think I've really explained it). Saturday

For Jane and the Small Group at Abingdon Bible, I'll share some thoughts on whether or not God hears/answers the prayers of people who don't believe in him. Sunday

Thanks for inviting me to share.  I'm really honored!

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  1. GREAT! Now (at least tomorrow-smile) I can link it on a post from this week. Thanks friend. I miss you sooo much this week. Give Amy and Will hugs.