Three Levels Stewardship

Christians should be phenomenally generous.

We believe God owns everything and sets human beings as stewards, to care for and wisely use his world.  But we have different ideas about what stewardship looks like.

Check out these three options:

1) Caretaking

At this level, stewardship looks like taking good care of everything God entrusted to you.  Parents teach this level of stewardship to their children.  And this level of stewardship fuels the Christian environmental movement.

And most of us operate from here.

2) Availability

At this level, stewardship looks like making your possessions available for God's use.  If someone asks you, you give.  You're generous and God puts your stuff to work for his kingdom.  And you get to see the impact of your availability.

But this isn't the last level of stewardship.

3) Active

At this level, stewardship looks like making best use of your possessions.  Going beyond availability, people who operate at this level of stewardship actively put their stuff to use. 

I met this couple today who work hard to make sure their vacation home never sits empty.  They talked with a tinge of sadness about a week in May without a scheduled guest.  Where do people like this come from?

Very few of us operate at this level.  I certainly don't.  I leave unused cars sitting in the driveway when I travel.  I don't know that I've ever gone out of my way to make sure someone gets to use my house while I'm away.  But I find this concept intriguing, inspiring, challenging.

Which level of stewardship do you find yourself in?

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  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    It is like having a "guest"room but no guests! Guest rooms are ment to have guests, so get out there and bring them in as often as possible!
    Also an interesting quest: If God owns everything, how much can I keep? 10%, 20% ...
    Bill H.