We Could Be Big But Still Fail

The ministry strategies angling at Big won't get us big enough.

In campus ministry, Big is the easiest thing to measure and gets valued most commonly.  How many students do you have?  How many people came to your meeting?  How many people can you get in a room?

But when you're looking at 250,000 students, the Big desire is nothing more than a distraction.  You can pursue Big and still fail.  What's a 500 person ministry when it ignores 99.92% of the campus?

We'll never get 250,000 people in a room.  We'll never have 250,000 come to a meeting.  We don't expect to have 250,000 students involved.

Big is about attendance.  Success is measured by bodies.  And it won't work.

We need to shift from attendance to access.  We need to focus on giving people opportunities to connect with God on their campus.  We don't need 500 students in a room.  We need 50 easy-to-connect-with groups.  Thriving witnessing communities in every corner of every campus.

I don't want Big.  I want Everywhere.

What hurdles do you think we'll face if we shift from Big to Everywhere?

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