What if that wasn't a random thought?

"You should pray for Jimmy and Erin."

The thought flashed through my mind today as I kicked back and relaxed in my middle seat on the airplane to Atlanta this morning.  I started to push the thought away, compartmentalize ("I'll pray later, when I've scheduled time to pray").

But the thought came again: "Jimmy and Erin ... pray for them."

It could have been a random thought.  Something my subconscious fixed on and kept going back to like a CD skipping on scratch.

But maybe it was something more.

I'd be interested to know if other people around the world had a random thought today that they should pray for Jimmy and Erin.  I wonder if I wasn't alone.

And I wonder this because I wonder if maybe God's Spirit was directing me.  Maybe he wanted to do something for Jimmy and Erin.  Maybe, in some mysterious and special way they were on his mind and, since his Spirit dwells in us, some of us picked up the stray signal.

Or maybe it was just a random thought.

Do you ever wonder if a random thought isn't random?

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