What We Have versus What We Need

After a wild season of ministry, Jesus' disciples needed a break.

He took them out to the country, but the crowds followed them.  Moved by compassion, Jesus taught the crowds until late in the day.  Another great day of ministry.

At this point, the disciples shift into operations mode.  They realize that they don't have a lot of food and that, if they tried to buy enough food, well ... that's just not an option.

They focus on what they need, then circle to what they have to decide if it can be done.

Jesus runs the other way around the circle.  He asks them to start with what they have.

And, by asking them what they have, Jesus reveals that they have no idea what they actually have.  Their failure to take an inventory led them to prematurely conclude that the feeding of the 5000 couldn't be done.  It led them to ignore their most important asset.

Their most important asset was a Who, not a What.

Five loaves + Two fish + Jesus ... that's enough to feed 5000.

It takes an inventory of what we have to stir up confidence in Who we have with us.

How do you keep inventory?

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