Who we are influences what we do ... as a team

Campus ministries struggle to balance the Who and the What.

Who are we as a team?  What makes us tick?  How are we connected?

These questions lead to activities, programs, projects, initiatives.

Because we are X, we do Y.

But the slow creep of systematization begins to reverse those priorities.  We become "the team that hosts this conference" or "the team that plans this missions initiative" or even "the team that plants and builds witnessing communities."

Because we do Y, we are Z.

All week we've been struggling with this reality - in our thinking about Area culture, in our experience of Divisional time, in our conversations as a Region - we've struggled to keep the Who in front of the What.

But if the Who is agreed upon, the What comes naturally.  So much tension and confusion comes from pursuing a What without agreeing on the Who.

In the church, this might look like a church fighting over worship styles.  One faction thinks "we are a church that reaches the next generation" and another faction thinks "we are a church that pursues excellence in everything" and another that thinks "we are a church that has to pay the bills."  A worship war may not, at first, appear to be an identity crisis, but it almost always is.

In the business world, this might look like a marketing team frustrated because some members think "we are a cutting edge, technologically sophisticated company" and another set of members thinks "we are a company that provides phenomenal value-for-money" and another thinks "we excel in our relationships with our customers."  Identity crisis.

In education: what kind of school are we?
In a family: what does it mean that we're married?
In a Small Group: what are we doing here?

Continuing clarity around the Who creates momentum to figure out the What.

Where have you seen the What and the Who reversed?

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