Advance Work

Jon Acuff recently challenged bloggers to write posts in advance.

On this blog, I've typically written, edited, then posted ... all in the same sitting.

With little advance work.

We live in a world where the boundary between "I thought it" and "I said it" shrinks almost every day.  Social media connects us to each other in wonderful ways, but blurs this line.

For example, Facebook used to have a Comment button.  A comment button.  The comment button created a little space for you to think before you posted something, a beat before your thought goes out to the world.  Now, you just punch the return key and, without a beat ... the line gets thinner.

Our church and community group has been wrestling with what the Bible calls "taming the tongue." Controlling which words come out of your mouth.

I wonder how much "taming" would happen if we did a little advance work.

Advance work might look like pre-planning a conversation.

Advance work might look like having hard talks early.

Advance work might look like prayer.

This won't solve every problem, but it might help.

What would advance work look like for you?

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