Argument Ain't What It Used To Be

Argument used to be about winning.

You won by being right.  Or by making your case more convincingly.  Preferably both.

Both sides in the argument angled at truth.  You fired your best ideas back and forth and the true ideas floated to the surface.  Truth.

And both sides pushed for the best ideas.  Pragmatism fused with idealism in the minds and mouths and hearts of creative men and women.  Pushed.  Listened.

And, in the end, the winner wins.  The loser concedes.  And everyone agrees.

[I know this is a stereotype.  Anytime someone says something "ain't what it used to be," you know they're looking over their shoulder with glasses fogged over by the haze of time.]

But as time goes by, no one seems to be winning (insert Charlie Sheen joke here).

Both sides keep talking, but no one concedes.  No one agrees.  The sides are set, locked, frozen.  Imagine Red Rover, except everyone tightens their grip and no one charges the other side.

Politics.  Religion.  Choose a category.

No one loves argument more than an evangelical Christian.

Everyone presents their case, but no one listens anymore.  No one is open to convincing.  Truth exists, sure, but no one looks for truth in argument.  When you're wearing full armor and hiding behind your shield, you're not doing a lot of listening, a lot of learning, a lot of moving.

No, argument is about something else now. 

What could an argument be about if it wasn't about winning?

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