The Bible Has Layers

One book to teach them all,
One book to lead them,
One book to form them all,
And in the light to read them.

Seriously, one book for everyone, for life?

This conversation keeps coming up with students.  They keep reaching for theology texts (which I love) and Christian living books (which I'm okay with).  But they reach for these books because they've finished the Bible.  These books aren't supplements.  They're replacements.

But the Bible ... and only the Bible ... is God's Word.

We need to dig deeper and deeper into it, tunneling.

This is one of the reasons "life passages" matter so much.  They allow you to drill down.  And they allow you to model deep study.

Alexis brought this up after Common Ground last week.  I preached on John 4 and the story of the Woman at the Well.  There was so much in the passage and I brought to the surface elements of the story the students hadn't noticed.  This wasn't an exegetical parlor trick.  This was the result of years of studying the passage, circling back to it, peeling back another layer, making another connection to the bigger story and the gospel.

Have you ever re-read a passage of Scripture and noticed something you hadn't seen before?


  1. awesome post, steve! it's interesting to read especially in the context of the student group here. also, the poem is baller :)

  2. Haha. Thanks, Sara.

    What about the student group there makes it interesting?

    I'm always amazed at the depth of Scripture when I read it cross-culturally. Do your Romanian students notice things in the Bible that you've never noticed?