Book Review: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell is a wild-haired journalist who loves the intersection of pop psychology, hard research and the non-intuitive but very real world we inhabit.

His book, Blink, examines the phenomena of rapid cognition.

Our minds move phenomenally quickly and with surprisingly positive outcomes, even on super-fast forward. Despite our valuing of deep thinking, research, and evaluation ... Sometimes, often, the best decisions are the decisions made quickly, subconsciously.

Why you should read this book
1) For fun ... knowing how your brain works is a blast
2) For license ... Blink will free you to make snap-decisions
3) For discernment ... know when and when not to snap-judge
4) For insight ... see the subterranean forces that influence your decisions (for better or for worse)

Have you ever seen a snap judgement beat out deep analysis?

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