Christ Your Lord

Can you be a Christian if Christ is not your Lord?

One of our most brilliant students is writing his honors thesis on what is called "the Lordship debate," a debate centered on this question.  Have you ever heard of this debate?

As InterVarsity thinks more deeply about discipleship, I wonder if we'll get pulled into it.

On the one hand, God gives his grace freely, not holding back his great salvation until our obedience kicks into gear or reaches perfection.

On the other hand, Jesus called for repentance clearly and loudly and even to outsiders.

Hence, there ferocity of the debate.  Both sides have winning arguments.

Now, some would think that, if both sides have winning arguments, the battle lines have been drawn in the wrong locations.  You can make up your own mind.

What do you think?


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    It is true God gives us grace freely (no charge) but just like the man with the withered arm, we still need to reach out to accept it. Bill H.

  2. I want to comment here but my response is to complex to put into writing at this hour. We'll have to chat at Chapter Camp.

  3. Haha! Bill H? Is that Bill Harward, my all-star Staff who took his talents to Ft. Myers Beach or Bill Hunter, who, if he stands up straight, can probably see my Florida from his house (which is in VA Beach).