Give Up On Being Good

I really want to be a good parent.

But "good" isn't the standard to shoot for.

Jesus hinted at this: "Why do you call me good?  No one is good but God alone."

That question - "Why do you call me good?" - stings.

We all want to determine the "good."  And nowhere is this desire to determine the "good" more present than in parenting.  We all want to be good parents.  But we're all different.  So we all want to define the "good" in ways that affirm our decisions.

Think about it.  Baby Wise.  On demand parenting.  Nursing.  Natural birth.  Spanking.  Naughty seat.  Public, private, charter, home school.  Organic, gluten-free or affordable. 

People will kill over these things.  Seriously.  Lord of the Flies meets Rain Man for parents.

We can't determine the "good."  And no one is good but God alone.

So, what should we shoot for?

Faithful.  Available.  Patient.  Wise.  Sensitive.  Shoot somewhere in here.

Good is too big a category.  And God reserves it for himself.  Give up.

What will you shoot for if you give up on being good?

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