God Multiplies Small Things

Over and over again throughout the Scripture, God takes small things and multiplies them.

I've written about this observation here, just a few weeks ago, but this biblical truth appeared on my radar again this week.  In 2 Kings 4, a widow turns to the prophet Elisha when financial pressure threatens to tear her family apart.  She asks him for help and a miracle happens.

But I wonder if the miracle almost didn't happen.

Elisha asks her what she has in her house (perhaps fishing for a small thing), and she replies "Your servant has nothing there at all."  As an afterthought, she adds "except a small jar of olive oil."

What follows is a miracle.  She collects a bunch of empty jars from her neighbors, then fills them from the small jar.  Magic.  Miracle.  Something.  A small jar becomes a bunch of jars, full of olive oil.  She sells the oil and supports her family.


Our ministry is full of small things.  A small number of staff (2).  A small number of Small Groups (11).  A small number of donors (>100).  A small number of students (200).

And we face huge need.  250,000 students.  12 unreached campuses. 

What if our job wasn't to figure out how to take those small things and apply them to our huge needs?  What if our job, our role, was to be faithful with our small things?

We bring our small things.  God multiplies them.

What are your small things?

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  1. Can't wait to see what God will do with that small protector of yours.