Greedy or Broke?

Think about the sermons on money you've ever heard.

A huge assumption runs through most money-sermons: People are greedy.

And some of us are greedy.  But is greed our biggest money-problem?

For many of us, we're not just greedy, we're broke. 

And being broke fuels our greed, eventually breaking us ...
  1. Being broke gives a fun excuse to covet (it's called 'dreaming')
  2. Being broke makes generosity harder (the soft bigotry of low expectations)
  3. Being broke masks greed (specific replaces bulk)
Now, being "broke" isn't the same as being poor.  At least, not necessarily.

Broke people live beyond their means, no matter their means.  If my standard of living is $50k and I'm making $38k, I'm broke.  If I'm in debt up to my ears, I'm broke.  If I'm paying today's bills with tomorrow's money, I'm broke.

But broke isn't that bad.  Broke is fixable.  Easily.

If you had to choose, would you rather teach someone to use their money wisely or bring conviction around greed?  I'd teach every time.  That conviction piece belongs to God and, when I try my hand at it, I end up manipulating and shaming.

What would happen if we helped people overcome their lack of wisdom around money?
  • They might experience more contentment
  • They might be more generous
  • They might come face to face with their hidden greed
It's worth trying, isn't it?

Have you ever heard a money-sermon that focused on "broke" rather than "greedy"?

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  1. What if along with elders/staff that will pray for you, you had an/some elder(s) that were financially gifted and would walk with you personally through bad money habits, paying off debt, cultivating a budget that teaches you to depend on God's provision. And this was simply an offered service of the church, announced and utilized as much as the children's ministry.

    Sign me up!