Knee-Jerking Jerks

I have a knee-jerk reaction to bad theology.  When I hear it, I start talking.

Maybe it's my education. Maybe it's a first-born thing.  Who knows?

But in my knee-jerk reactions, I often forget the complex, interpersonal bigger picture.

Here's a scattershot of that bigger picture.

People matter more than ideas.  Sometimes people say things they don't believe, understand or mean.  No one likes to feel disrespected.  My own theology has blind spots, burrs and errors.  I'm in my 20's.  Not every fight need to be fought.  In every theological misstep, there's probably something you can affirm and admire.  Tone matters as much as content, perhaps more.


It's tempting to focus the conversation on truth and accuracy, to attempt to ignore the human element, relationships, emotions.  But ideas don't exist in a vacuum.  And people can't survive in a vacuum.

Resist the knee-jerk.  Don't be a jerk.

Have you ever been hurt by someone's knee-jerk reaction to what they perceived as your bad theology?  What would have been a more helpful response?

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