The Resurrection is not a Receipt

What would happen if you left the resurrection out of your gospel presentation?

For most of us, everything would still make sense.

God created us, loved us.
But we have piled up an overwhelming debt of sin.
Jesus paid for our sins when he died on the cross.
How will you respond to your Savior?

Have you ever heard this gospel presentation? Creation Sin Christ Response

In this framework, the Resurrection of Jesus often falls to the back, tagged on as an epilogue.

This is one of the problems with the penal substitution model of the atonement.  If substitution is the only facet of the atonement on which you hang your theology, the Resurrection could drift to the background.

The substitution facet of the atonement is true, covers much of the biblical narrative, but can't stand alone.  God gives us more than debt and payment.

Substitution captures the Great Exchange, but what about the Great Win-Win?

We need to meditate on our union with Christ if we're going to appreciate the Resurrection.  He died in our place, true.  But we also died with him ... and will live with him.  The Resurrection matters to us because we have been united to Christ. 

What good is a clean ledger if our end-point is burial?
What good is an imputed righteousness to a corpse?
What good is all of it if Jesus is nothing more than an albatross?

If the Resurrection of Jesus is drifting to the epilogue of your theology, I've got great news.  There's a lot more to the gospel than you realize!  Explore the Union facet of the atonement here, if you're curious.

What if the Resurrection were more than a receipt?

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