Short Series: On Argument

Arguments swirl all around us.  Politics.  Theology.  Family.

I love and hate argument.

I love the matching of minds, the adrenaline, the friendly violence.  I love the learning.  I love the rise and fall, circles, memory-work, challenge and rhythm of a good argument.

But I also hate argument.  I hate the faulty logic.  I hate the feeling of futility, the talking-past, the shouting, posturing, winning-losing-shaming.  I hate the brilliant point that comes to you just after the argument ends.

Some of you probably love argument.  Some probably hate it.  Some love-hate, just like me.

But what is argument, exactly? (See video below)

I think that argument has fundamentally changed in our generation, that argument has (for the most part) become unwinnable and that argument is as necessary as ever. 

And knowing this has made a big difference for me.  And it just might help you too.

What do you love/hate about argument?

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