What do you miss (or not miss)?

Last school year, I preached over 100 times.  This year ... no kidding ... once.

I'm preaching tonight, shaking the rust off, feeling excited.

And I kind of missed preaching.  Preaching feels like a privilege and a challenge.  Not everyone gets to preach.  And balancing the need to communicate creatively with the requirement to remain faithful to God's Word ... that takes hard work!

But I just "kind of" miss preaching.  Preaching was ... and is ... a means to another end.  I want people to love God passionately, follow him faithfully, serve him effectively.  My vision doesn't include them spending all their time listening to my preaching.  Preaching is just a tool.

And, in this stage of my ministry, preaching isn't a high priority.  I still have it as a tool in my belt.  And I'll gladly and joyfully preach tonight.  But it's not the only tool in the belt.  And that's a good thing.

Ministry and life runs on seasons.  There's a time for everything and not everything makes the jump with you from season to season.  Knowing this is essential for effective leadership.

What tools and behaviors have you left behind as you've changed seasons in life and ministry?

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