Being Misfiled

Have you ever been misfiled?

When Will was born, a nurse wandered over to get us to proofread his birth certificate.  William Radford Tamayo.  Amy listed as his mother, me as his father. 
Race: White, non-Hispanic.

Wait, what?

Will is going to grow up eating arroz con pollo and platanos maduros.  He'll learn about personalismo and respeto.  And he'll carry the Tamayo last name. 

White, non-Hispanic?  Nope. 
Super-white Hispanic?  Sure.

We misfile people all the time.

Just this week I've been misfiled as a theological liberal (by association), an egalitarian (by faulty dilemma) and a wealthy man (by comparison). 

Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's annoying, sometimes it's painful.

Have you ever misfiled someone?  What did you do when you found out?

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