Calm Before the Storm ... Chapter Camp

Chapter Camp starts tomorrow.

Before heading up to camp, I took a day or two off ... or, mostly off, as off as you can when you're still trying to coordinate rides.  But I didn't work on preparing my content and I didn't fiddle with my powerpoint or anything like that.

Our temptation is to blast our way into camp.

Everything can be better.  We can tighten our talks, animate our slide shows, search for that perfect video that will tie it all together.  And taking a day or two off, well, that costs you.

But every decision has a trade-off.  At some point, the value of rest tops the cost to preparation.

To be able to rest before camp, it takes a lot of advance work and preparation.  It requires you to make peace with your presentations not being perfect.  But it makes a big difference.

This is a constant ministry tension.  We can always do more.  You've never heard a perfect sermon.  You've never seen a perfect worship set.  You've never been to a perfectly prepped Small Group.  More.  More.  More.  We could always do more.

But there's a danger that, in doing more, we become less.  Shrunken people.  Lifeless ministers sharing the news of life, filling ears with hollow words, words believed but not lived.

What would it take for you to dive into ministry well rested?

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