Echoes of the Word in the World

Attempting to connect with God's Word, some withdraw from the World.

They worry that the World would distract.  They fear that the World would corrupt.  They "know" that the Word has nothing to do with the World.

But our theology tells us that God stands sovereign over the whole World.  The World, and everything in it, belongs to him.  And "since the creation of the World God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made."

The Word is in the World.  The Word became flesh and dwelled among us.

Don't cave in to the temptation to jump quickly to theological word splitting, dividing Jesus and the Bible.  The "Word" in the World is Jesus, the Word we try to connect with through escape ... that's the Bible.  Jesus is in the church and the world.  The Bible is locked in the church (or the prayer closet or the pulpit).

None of us believe that ... not really.

And this is where the echoes come in.  My reading of Scripture is amplified as I move through the World.  I find opportunities to talk about, think through, and be challenged in my understanding of the Word.

In reality, the times when I pull away from the Word are also the times I pull away from the World.  I escape into Christian books, Christian music, Christian community and solitude.  Does this happen to you too?

Where do you hear echoes of the Word in the World?

Thanks to Tim and Brittany Gossett for helping me to clarify my thinking on this.

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