Free from fear

Religion is no antidote for fear.

As people approach death, some fight.  They fight long and hard whether or not they believe in God, heaven or that they're going to go there to be with him.

Current philosophy talks of religion as if it's a crutch, something men and women reach for when times are bad and hard, clinging to religion.  If religion is a crutch, it's a bad one.

Religion won't protect you from fear, won't make you rich, won't solve all the crises in the world.  Religious people aren't happier, better or more beautiful.  Case after case shows this to be true.

And yet, we persist. 

I think it has something to do with love.  If you love someone, you don't care if your relationship makes you happy or better or more beautiful.  If you love someone, the whole world seems less urgent.  Money doesn't matter.  And fear ... well ... fear remains, at least for a while.

Why do you think religion persists, even though it doesn't make us completely free from fear?

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