Learning from the experience of others

Learning styles come in all shapes and sizes. 

Some people learn by seeing (visual), others by hearing (auditory), and still others through movement (kinesthetic).  Some learn by doing.  I prefer learning from the experience of others.

I haven't always thought this about myself.

Ask me in college and I would have told you I preferred learning from books.  Ask me when I started in ministry and I would have said I preferred learning from sermons.  Perhaps learning styles change over time.

But over the last several years, I've started to notice how deeply I'm influenced by mentors.

I learn and don't even realize I'm learning.  I find myself echoing, shadowing, imitating.

Now that I've honed in my learning from the experience of others, it adjusts the opportunities I look for when I'm looking to learn.  I reach for books less often.  I download fewer sermons.  I keep my eyes peeled for mentors.

How do you learn?

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