Mission before Repentance?

In the gospel of Jesus, repentance and mission go hand-in-hand. 

Repent of your sins, but fail to join Jesus, following him in his mission, and you miss out big time.  Try to follow Jesus without repenting of your sins and you will likewise miss out, perhaps even more drastically.

Our theology says that these two go hand in hand.  The truly repentant will join the mission.  Those really on board with the mission will have repentant hearts.

Given all that ...

Why do we always introduce the need for repentance first?

Without diminishing the need for repentance, the problem of sin, the need for students to receive life-giving salvation from Jesus Christ, I wonder if there might be a time to introduce the mission first.

To his disciples, Jesus called "Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."  To me, this sounds like a call to mission.

Jesus sent his disciples out to heal and cast out demons and proclaim that the kingdom of God is near.  To me, this sounds like a call to mission.

Even to Levi, the tax collector, Jesus' "Follow me" appears to be primarily a call to mission.  He didn't say "I need you to feel really bad about all the ways you took advantage of people and recognize that your strong-arm business practices are really just attempts to fill a me-sized hole in your heart."  He gave an invitation to mission.

What do you think we lose by always putting repentance before mission?

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