Respecting Courage

War makes for fine stories, great films and fun video games.  But I wish it didn't.

War is also an ugly thing, a dirty thing, a hard thing, a thing that breaks people and communities.  A thing that should not be.

But talking badly about war creates a tension.  I have family and friends that have fought wars and are currently fighting.  They sacrifice and show courage.  Even if war is ugly, can't there be something respectable about it?

Pacifists struggle to talk about war without disrespecting warriors.

But the virtue Courage deserves honor.  It is rare these days.  Pragmatism reigns.  Bullying beats bravery.  And much of what passes for courage nowadays is just bullying (how hard is it to pick on 3.5 or 13% or a population?).

How do we honor courage without endorsing war? How do we criticize war without disrespecting courage?

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