Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck

Have you ever felt like the waters have come up to your neck?

At camp this week, I had several up-to-my-neck moments.  Getting students to and from rural Georgia stretched me to my logistical limits.  Being always "on" for two weeks made me (and all the other introverts) feel like I left my lights on and car door open ... drained batteries.  And on top of all that, the approaching fiscal year-end threatens on the horizon.

The image from Psalm 69 - that of a person sinking beneath a flood - resonated with me.  But it also challenged me.

"Save me, O God" doesn't sound like my usual response to my up-to-my-neck moments.  I usually withdraw, go silent and leverage the stress to increase productivity.

But not the Psalmist.

David's Psalms represent not just a willingness to be honest to God, but a willingness to go to him in the first place.  And, sometimes, that's the hardest part.

What do you do when the waters are up to your neck?

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