Why do the rules suddenly change?

I directly work with 120 students.  Many of them love Jesus.  Few of them have money.  Two of them are white.

And I've started to notice a frustrating trend.

Many of our students want to come to our conferences and camps and want to bring their friends.  They love Jesus and want others to love him too.  But few of our students have cars or can afford to fly.  They don't have a lot of money.  And this shouldn't be a big problem.

I have a network of generous donors who would happily help our students rent cars and get to our conferences and camps, bringing their friends, experiencing God (If you're one of those generous donors, thank you!).

But something keeps happening at the rental counter.  No one wants to rent cars to my students.  We have the money.  I'm even willing to secure the car with my major credit card (which has a $15k limit and carries no balance).  I'll make the reservations, talk through all the details with the rental company and have everything in order.

But when the students show up, the rules change.

Suddenly a $200 deposit becomes a $400 deposit.  Students are asked to show ... and I'm not making this up ... two pay stubs, two utility bills, a credit report and proof of car insurance.  Proof of car insurance?  If they had a car to insure, why would they be paying 4x a car payment to rent one?

Everything becomes complicated.  New hoops keep appearing.  The rules change, suddenly.

I have my theories, bubbling and seething in my brain.

Why do you think the rules suddenly change?

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