Why so serious?

There's a lot to be said for the current wave of missionality in young evangelicalism.  This missionality pushes us toward community, creating a new and accessible monasticism.  It's organized and coherent.  It's all-the-time, not once-a-year.

But it's so serious.

We live in serious times.  Earthquakes and tidal waves.  Recessions and declining income.  Wars and rumors of wars. 

But the God we find ourselves connected to is a God of celebration.

From Genesis to Revelation, God calls forth celebration.  Sacrifices and worship found parties for company.  Celebration overflows when the lost are found and when the wandering return.

Jesus partied.  From the wedding at Cana to the Feast at the end of time.  His attendance at parties earned him the titles of "friend of sinners" and "glutton and drunkard." One of those applies correctly, the other is misunderstood.

Followers of Jesus, when's the last time you celebrated in a way that could be misunderstood?

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