3 Reasons We Avoid Fundraising for Short Term Missions

For many of us, when we make the decision to go on a short term missions trip, we've already figured out how we're going to pay for it.  We'll use savings, divert vacation money, put off large purchases, ask our parents.  Fundraising isn't on our radar.

Not only is fundraising not on our radar, we resist the suggestion that we should fundraise for short term missions.  Faces turn red.  Brows furrow.  Beads of sweat begin to form.

I did some digging into my own resistance a few years ago when Amy and I went on a short term missions trip to Bequia (a small island in the Caribbean).  And I was surprised by what I found.

Here are three of the reasons I was dodging fundraising for a short term missions trip:

1. Fundraising felt unnecessary

We had money in the bank and never took vacations.  Double income no kids.  We could pay for the trip ourselves.  It felt greedy, skeezy to fundraise a portion of our trip.

2. Fundraising felt uncomfortable

Asking people for money without giving them something in return is always uncomfortable.  We live in a reciprocal economy.  There's no such thing as a free lunch.  And asking for money opens you up to awkward questions (Why don't you just send money instead of going?  Why is the trip so expensive?  Why don't you have your own money?).

3. Fundraising felt impossible

We already fundraised as a part of our campus ministry work.  And we felt like we'd already asked everyone we knew to help us serve as missionaries to the campus.  And so many of our friends seemed strapped for cash.

What other reasons could you think of to avoid fundraising for short term missions?

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