Bodies, Community and Relationship Stories

Bodies appear all around the story of Christian theology.  Have you ever noticed this?

The church is a body and we are the parts.  Eyes, ears, limbs.  We are different from each other but connected to each other.  This union between members of the church has implications for the story we tell about about romantic relationships.

I've written about this a little bit in the Humble Accountability series.  What I do influences you too ... and the opposite is true, true enough to spark rhymes, inspire.

Our theology of the body of Christ means that we already have a web of deep relationships.  The pursuit of romantic relationships out of a story of lack and incompleteness ... that should be foreign to us.  We are complete in Christ, complete in his church.  Singleness is an option.

In the same way, our theology of the body of Christ means we have the potential to be in deep relationship despite our brokenness and despite the sinfulness in our partners.  Even though the stories we hear around marital union make it sound impossible, if the church is possible, so is marriage.

The community of Christ reshapes our relational narratives.

Where do you see stories that need reshaping?

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