Freedom in Flexibility

What forces push churches to the point of non-missional flexibility?

This question, worded differently, popped up in a conversation last night.  Three guys ... cruising on a boat in the middle of a lake ... stories of churches becoming rigid, getting stuck, losing sight of their mission.

Some churches had to make payroll.  Others started focusing on a building.  Still others had traditions to uphold and people who stuck around long enough to remember and rely on those traditions.

InterVarsity has flexibility all over the place.  Mostly volunteers, no buildings, rapid change and turnover as students graduate and move on. 

Sometimes this flexibility drives me crazy.  I dream of a campus ministry with a predictable income stream, the status and stability of a building and the respectability of institutionalization.  But if these things get in the way, they need to go away.

Today, I'm grateful for my flexibility.  It removes the option of laziness, but generates hope for the possibility for success.  And we shouldn't forget that our flexibility brings freedom.

What do campus ministry folks miss out on in their flexibility?
What can churches do to be more flexible?

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