Happy Anniversary

Amy and I have been married for 5 years today. 

We're going to go out an celebrate, to mark the day.  But today is a day pretty much like everyday.  I'm working.  Amy took Will on a playdate with a friend.  The dogs get walked, the trees get watered and the diapers ... they get changed.

What makes today special?


At least, nothing necessarily.  Today is special for me and for Amy, but not for everyone.  Today is special because of our specific histories.  Today is special for us, in part, because it's not special for anyone else.

We could choose not to celebrate our anniversary.  Last year, we went to see the A-team movie ... more of a date night than an anniversary celebration.  And this is a fine option.

But anniversaries provide special opportunities ... opportunities to look back and to look forward.  To connect.

And this isn't just true for marriage anniversaries.  In InterVarsity, we celebrate folks who have served students for 5 years (and 10 and 15 and so on ... ).  The anniversary is an excuse, an excuse to say "Thanks" and remember past accomplishments and to talk about the future.

What's been your best anniversary experience?

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