Help in relationships

Playing the groomsman last week brought back lots of great memories ... and presented challenges.

Groomsmen have lots of responsibilities.  We wear tuxes and make sure the dance floor is full.  We throw a bachelor's party and help the groom prepare for the wedding and the wedding night.  We play pranks.

But what happens when the wedding's over?

One way of looking at a wedding is as if we're gathering people to commit to supporting us in our marriage.  Their presence signifies their approval.  Their gifts show their blessing.  They stand with us.

In this way, a wedding is a lot like a baptism.  In a baptism, the church says "we see what looks like real faith" and "we want to help you follow Jesus."  The church stands with us through our baptism.

Standing with us may imply a responsibility for accountability and discipline.  It may come with financial burdens.  It may require sacrifice and discomfort.  But we ask ... expect ... the church to stand with us.  And, as the church, we stand with our friends.

What sort of help should we expect from the church in our relationships?
What sort of help should we expect to give to our friends?

Thus endeth this relationship series ... thanks for sticking in there!

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