Let Go of Some of Your Stuff

Amy and I spent some good time over the last couple of days helping Amy's mom let go of some of her stuff.  We cleaned her attic, threw some stuff away, made some great donations to the local Salvation Army.

I found the process really interesting.  Jane (Amy's mom) is already really clean and hasn't accumulated a lot of junk.  If you've seen Hoarders, you're probably tempted to mispicture what we were up to.  If you walked into Jane's house, your would find it well-organized, uncluttered and neat.

But she let go of a lot of stuff.

When walking around the house and asking "Is it neat? Is it orderly? Is it clean?" the stuff was safe.  But Jane started asking a new set of questions and the stuff got let go.

Will I use this?
What do I actually have?
Why do I keep this?
Do I need all of this?
What other ways do I have to preserve this memory?
Is this worth putting on a truck and moving?
Would I buy this if I saw it in a store?
Would someone else enjoy this stuff?

These questions helped Jane let go of some of her stuff.

And we all have stuff.

Some of our houses are packed with stuff.  Attics crammed.  Closets full.  Bookcases overflowing.  Our homes feel small because they are accomodating all of our stuff.

Some of us have stuff that can't be stored in an attic.  Emotional stuff.  Relational stuff.

If you let go of some of your stuff, you might be a better host, a better friend, a better parent.  You might feel more free, less worried, more able to focus.  Connecting with God might even be easier.

What are some questions that would help you let go of some of your stuff?

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