Self-centeredness kills curiousity

Scanning the shelves at Barnes and Noble the other day, I ran into an edition of Paradise Lost that contained notes by C.S. Lewis.  In addition to being an apologist and a popular fiction author, Lewis was also a literature professor and an expert on Milton.

Check out this reflection on Satan in Lewis' Preface to Paradise Lost:
Satan has been in the heaven of Heavens and in the abyss of Hell, and surveyed all that lies between them, and in that whole immensity has found only one thing that interests Satan.. And that “one thing” is, of course, Satan himself.
We all feel the tug of self-centeredness.

But self-centeredness kills curiousity.  It's hard to learn about anyone or anything if everything bends back toward yourself.

Have you ever bent a conversation this way:
You are sitting with a friend, listening to them tell a story.  The story reminds you of something you've recently heard, seen or done.  You respond to their story with your story. 
At best, your friend feels heard and understood and your connection is deepened.  Most likely, your friend feels topped, like you're competing and is too busy fishing for their own story to pay close attention to yours.

Curiousity about the world.  Curiousity about other people.  Self-centeredness kills both.

What do you do to minimize self-centeredness and maintain curiousity?

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