Short series: Fundraising for Short Term Missions

Every summer Christians all over America participate in short term mission.  Going for a week or two to another place, they try to make the world a better place.  We love short term missions.

And fundraising may or may not be a part of them.

I had the opportunity to do a short training last week for the summer missions teams of West Pines Community Church and Crossway Church.  These churches are sending teams to Haiti and Guatemala in partnership with local ministries.  Last year they provided clean drinking water for an orphanage and built relationships with the kids.  Stuff like that.

Amy and I can't go on the trips, but we wanted to help however we could.

And I do a lot of fundraising.  So I pulled together this short training.  Covering why and how we fundraise for short term missions.  The training was challenging, but worth doing.

Here's the plan:
  • 3 Reasons We Avoid Fundraising for Short Term Missions
  • 3 Reasons To Fundraise for Short Term Missions
  • 6 Steps to Build a Funding Team for Short Term Missions
Check this series out if ...
  • You want to do short term missions
  • Your church does short term missions and you get requests from missionaries
  • You want to understand a little more about how InterVarsity does fundraising
What comes to mind when you think about fundraising?

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