Were you set up?

If it's okay to wave the red flag when a relationship seems unwise, what do you do when you think it would be a-mazing?  We've all had friends who we thought would be perfect for each other.

This is one place where the cultural distance between the biblical authors and our present day really pops.  Arranged marriages seemed so normal.  But not any more!

Many singles hate being set up because it communicates ...
  • There's something wrong with you because you're not married
  • You can't find someone on your own
  • Leave us alone, Ms. Thirdwheel!
Others like being set up for these reasons ...
  • There's less work involved if you don't do the asking
  • We're gonna support you in this
  • I'm free to walk away
Brokenness is scattered all around relationships.  And this brokenness isn't constrained to romantic relationships.  We struggle to trust our friends and family.  We struggle to know "what to do with" our single friends.  We want to help.  We want to be left alone.  We don't know what we want.

What's been your experience with setting up?

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