Who's got the eye?

Love is blind.  Marriage isn't.

In ancient Greek mythology, the Graeae passed around one eye.  Three sister, one eye between them.  Lots of opportunity for fighting and comedy.  And this is kind of what we do.

When our friends start dating, hormones course through their veins and the sparkles of attraction make it impossible to see straight.  Cupid's arrows wound and cripple, even as they fill us with the courage to move forward into relationships.  And this blindness reveals why we need Christian friends as we move into relationships.

It takes a good friend to tell us a relationship is unwise.  It takes a good friend to wave a red flag.  It takes a good friend to be honest about what they think (see Proverbs 27:6).

We don't have to agree with them, but it helps us to know what they think.

Do we have an environment where this kind of input is encouraged, valued?

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