Beyond the call of duty

What is expected of us as Christians?

Ask a random person on the street and you'll probably hear "Go to church" and "Be nice" and "Don't do bad things."  The image I have is of a neighbor who smiles when he sees you, waves and carries plastic baggies when he walks his dog through the neighborhood.

These expectations make us chuckle.  We know there's more to being a follower of Christ.

 But what?

As I've been preparing for my sermon (I'm preaching at Crossway this Sunday), I've been thinking about God's expectations for us and what it would look like for us to go beyond the call of duty.

God asked Jonah to go to Nineveh (ch. 1).  Jonah resisted (ch. 1-2), but eventually went (ch. 3).  The story seems like it should end there.  But it doesn't.

God keeps pushing Jonah.  But to do what?

To care.

God has compassion on Nineveh and he's calling Jonah to go and do likewise. 

Why do you think God kept pushing Jonah?

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