Feeling forgotten by God

What do you do when you feel forgotten by God?

Some of us wander away and sulk.
Some of us respond with anger.
Some of us share our feelings to God.
Some of us deny feeling forgotten.

In Psalm 42, the sons of Korah play with this theme, leaning into that experience of feeling forgotten by God.  Surrounded by enemies, lonely and depressed, the addition of feeling forgotten by God could have been overwhelming.  But they pushed through.

They pushed through by remembering the past, the festivals and worship services.  God's presence.  These memories were rich and joy-filled.  But they weren't enough.

Alone, these memories would only cause more depression.  It's painful to remember the past when you have no hope for the future.  But where does that hope come from?

For the sons of Korah, the writers of this Psalm, their hope came from a confidence that God's character wouldn't change.  A rock.  Steadfast. 

A God who is constant and consistent doesn't forget ... won't forget you.

What do you do when you're feeling forgotten by God?

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