Inner Change

Few things provide more excitement to the Christian community than when someone becomes a Christian.  For good or ill, our hearts leap.

And in those initial moments, change begins to happen. 

But this change is usually on the surface level.  At least, that's the change that's easiest to see.  Language, weekly worship rhythms, habits around drinking and smoking ... these shift quickly.  But these aren't the most important.

In Romans 2, Paul talks about circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit.  Before his time, circumcision marked people as belonging to the community.  Belonging to the community (and staying within the community) required one to live according to a set of laws.  But these laws were un-livable.

We all struggle to live by the moral and ethical demands of the Christian community.  Even our surface change fails to cover the entire surface.

Deeper change, by the Spirit, is a beacon of hope to us when the darkness of changelessness fills the horizon on the surface of our souls.  Change welling up from within is harder to spot, but beautiful when you see it.

What do you think inner change looks like?

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