Short Series: On Giving

Christians are statistically generous.  We give away more of our income than most groups in the United States ... 2.5% according to "How Evangelicals Give" in Christianity Today.

Now, 2.5% may not sound like a lot.  "What about the tithe?" you might ask.  Aren't Christians supposed to be giving 10% of their income to the work of God through the local church?

Tithes, offerings, gifts, talents ... there's so much confusion about giving.

I've been thinking about this a lot and talking about it with some of my good friends, so I thought I'd try to process some of my thoughts on the blog.  Here's an outline for this short series ...
As we get started, how do you feel when Christians start talking about giving?

Check out this post from April "Greedy or Broke?" This is the main issue around giving most of our churches and Christian communities face, but I won't repeat it in this series. 

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