This is the Promised Land?

I wonder sometimes what Abraham thought of the Promised Land.

It can't have been that much different, that much better than home.  I don't think you ever catch Abraham waxing poetic about the size of the grapes and the quality of the honey.  He moves around a lot ... maybe because his wealth was tied up with his flocks, maybe because nothing felt comfortable ... the way you never really settle into a bicycle seat.

This is the Promised Land?

What if the Promised Land was only "better" because it was promised?  What if it was, in all other ways, a normal land, a land with difficulty and hardship and pain?  I wonder what this would mean for me.

When God calls me somewhere, I approach the new place with either Jonah-like dread or puppy-like anticipation.  I wag my tail and bark and yip and then am surprised when no one wants to feed me or take me on a walk.

I don't expect there to be difficulty in the promised land.

But difficulty doesn't remove the promise.

Who do you know that needs to be reminded of that?

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