Sanctification and Switching Teams

Once upon a time there was a woman who worked the grill at Burger King.  She made minimum wage, worked nights and weekends and always smelled like fries. 

Out of nowhere she's offered a job in a great kitchen, Bern's, Ella's, somewhere fun, working alongside a master chef, cooking amazing food for grateful people.  All her dreams came true.

But one week into the new job, she stops going to the amazing kitchen and starts showing up at Burger King again.  She didn't get fired, wasn't asked to leave ... they still want her in the amazing kitchen.  But there she is, flipping burgers.


Once upon a time there was a man who played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.  He grew up watching them.  Smith running touchdowns.  Irvin jumping over defensive backs.  But that wasn't the team this year.  This year, they stunk. 

Just before his contract is about to expire and he was going to be forced to leave the NFL, this quarterback received a job offer to play for the Washington Redskins, straight off their Superbowl-winning season (hey ... I said "once upon a time").  He'll have the best running back in the league, an all-star receiving corp and an offensive line that literally weighed a ton.  On top of that, he would get to play under the league's most legendary coach.

But shortly into the season, the man is seen walking around in a Cowboy's jersey.  He shows up at Cowboy's practices and sits in the stands.  When the Redskins played the Cowboys, the man seemed intent to throw interceptions, as if he were still a Cowboy.


This is part of the image of sanctification Paul uses in Romans 6. 

We used to work at one place, used to play for one team ... now, in Christ, our loyalties have changed.  The change in loyalty naturally comes with new behaviors.  It wouldn't make sense to go back to your old way of life.  This makes for a powerful motivation for sanctification.

What other motives for sanctification have you heard?

For a great, short overview of Scriptural passages on sanctification, check out this article: "What is Sanctification?"


  1. Robert H.10:12 PM

    Great illustrations, Steve! I'll share this with my friend who is a Cowboys fan.

  2. It's hard to combine those two ideas "friend" and "who is a Cowboys fan." :)