3 Ways Bad Marketing Kill New Ministry

Marketing can get people through the door.
Bad marketing sends them right back out.

Here's why ...

We can focus on the wrong things.

Planting new ministry is scary and tough to control.  When fear comes into play, many of us shift our focus to things we can control.  Advertising, logos, design ... details.

But in the planting phase of ministry, we need to focus on building relationships, casting vision, generating engagement.  It's not enough to get people to show up to the boat, we need to get them on board.  Relationship, vision, engagement.

Good marketing helps us do these things.  Bad marketing doesn't.

We can set wrong expectations.

Bad marketing tells people whatever story it takes to get them through the door.  It makes promises and over-promises.  It puts the best foot forward, but an unsustainable foot.

And if all this happens without relationship, your new ministry is doomed.

Few things kill ministry more quickly than broken promises and disappointment.

We can attract the wrong people.

It's tempting to think that, when planting new ministry, we need to take anyone we can get.  Beggars can't be choosy.  But you can't connect with everyone when you're planting a new ministry.

When planting new ministry, think about the profile of the people you need to be with you to build a foundation for the ministry.  Profile and target.  It feels weird and favoritistic to do, but this is the path you need to walk if you want to get something off the ground (and the reality is that the more narrow you are at the start, the broader you can be later).

And marketing sends signals, letting people know who we're looking for.

This post is a bonus post in the Series: On Marketing and Ministry.  For further development of the content, check out this post: Marketing and Planting New Ministry.

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