A Heavy Sermon

I'm preaching at Crossway Church tomorrow ... and struggling.

Tomorrow is September 11th, the 10th anniversary.  And it feels like a big deal, a weight on my shoulders.  That weight sends my emotions swinging all over the place.  And I'm worried about how that will influence the sermon.

On top of that, I'm preaching on death, suffering, the Cross.  This is the next logical step in the series, but it's still heavy.  Even on a day filled with sunshine and football and no historical tragedy, this would be a heavy sermon.

The Bible has a lot of heavy passages and we tend to avoid them.

The material I'm preaching on tomorrow is unfamiliar to me.  I mean, I've been studying and studying and studying, but I've never heard a sermon referencing some of the passages I've been looking at.  Almost 30 years of going to church and none of these preachers mentioned these verses.  Maybe they knew something I don't.

What do you do when you have a heavy sermon to preach?
What do you do when you hear a heavy sermon?

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