Walking to church

I heard a new story about my Grandfather today.

After he and my Grandmother retired, they dropped down to one car.  And on Sundays, my Grandmother would head to church early to sing in the choir.  My Grandfather - not a choir guy - stayed home ... but not all morning.

He walked to church.

Walking to church fascinates me.  I wonder, would I do it?

A mile, a mile and a half, in a suit in the Florida heat ... and it's optional.

There's something special about a man who would be willing to walk to church.  For so many of us, having to walk would break the deal.  We would stay home, maybe read our Bibles and pray, but we wouldn't walk. 

In my work with InterVarsity in South Florida, I have several students who walk 20-30 minutes to catch a bus (another 20-30 minutes) in order to get to InterVarsity.  Last year, Leisa did that walk and took that bus to get to InterVarsity's meeting even though she didn't have class that day.

I'm so grateful to be around people who are so committed.

What do you think? Would you walk to church?

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